Successful Events as a Marketing Tool

With the rise of the internet, many marketers turn to blogs and virtual messages claiming online that content is king.  While this is certainly true, we should not forget the people behind the screens who enjoy our content also like to get out once in awhile.  There is a lot to be said for events throughout the year and how the money put into those events can generate some very strong leads in time.

Many corporate events are the usual, speaker and dinner, with a chance for networking and a lot of forced conversation.  In order to gain a better turn out and ensure the audience remembers your message, try something new!

Bring your speaker to a new location like a theme park or zoo and allow people time before or after to team build and network over a visit to the monkey cages. Renting out an air conditioned building or segment of a restaurant is usually the least exciting part of an event, but it is also important to have a central meeting place to kick off the evening.  Encourage people to get up both before and after the presentation and explore all that the location has to offer, perhaps with some of your own employees and staff. 

If you are holding an event for a larger group of people, be sure to note that people enjoy a variety of things.  Having different stations encourages people to network in smaller groups and handing out raffle tickets for certain accomplished tasks promotes a sense of team work and camaraderie.  The event does not always have to have a fun theme to it, and the topic can be serious, but allowing people to move around freely and with a purpose is where the most valuable connections can be made. 

One of the most important things to do at these kinds of events is to get out and be a part of it yourself.  You may consider your personal network to be robust already, but any good host knows planning is only half the battle and keeping the event flowing is just as important.  It is important to introduce yourself to anyone who arrives late, is having difficulty networking or on the opposite end, any person who seems particularly eager to network.  As the host, you may be asked about these people later and it may prove important to have a personal account of them to offer up.

Planning a successful event may involve a touch more stress than merely hiring a speaker, but the payoff may be that much greater. The attendees will also more than likely remember the event with more interest.

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